Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network

Le Havre Station – Video

See this video of Le Havre Station, a Primagaz NGV Station with a 80 m3 LNG tank and 3 fuelling tracks.

The station is open 7 days/24 hours and up to 200 trucks per day can fill up with LNG/bioLNG and CNG/bioCNG. The station is located in Le Havre Port which is a strategic area for freight transport.

In order to serve every gaz vehicle, the payment system on the station is compatible with most of the fuel cards used by transporters

NGV contributes to lower CO2 emissions and improves air quality. Compared to diesel Euro 6 norm, NGV allows up to 20% CO2 and 50% NOx emissions savings. NGV combustion rejects very few fine particles.

By building NGV Stations, Primagaz is part of « Blue Corridors » European Strategy which aims to reduce environmental impact of Freight Transport in Europe.