Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network

Symposium – Final Event LNG Motion

6 June, 2023

This week we had the Final Event of the LNG Motion project at our locations Hognoul (BE) and Hirschberg (DE), a project co-funded by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for… Read more

Construction of the new station at Autohof im Heidegrund Süd in Osterfeld (Germany)

28 April, 2023

Construction work on the new PitPoint.LNG refueling station at Autohof im Heidegrund Süd in Osterfeld (Germany) is in full swing! The pipes have already been placed. Next up is pouring the concrete… Read more

Opening of the new LNG station in Alsfeld, Germany

4 January, 2023

The new LNG station opened in Alsfeld, which serves as an important north-south connection between Frankfurt and Kassel. TotalEnergies Alsfeld, a multi-fuel service station, is located at a truck stop near the… Read more

Opening of the new LNG station in Antwerp/Liefkenshoek, Belgium

24 October, 2022

The new PitPoint.LNG station at Keteldijk 1 Haven 1999, 9130 Kallo, Belgium is now operational and accessible 24/7! We are proud to announce that the third LNG station of PitPoint.LNG in Belgium… Read more

Change in Dutch regulations concerning LNG refueling training

16 August, 2022

According to the PGS 33-1.1 (published in May 2022), the employer of the authorized customer is responsible for the safe conduct of the customer. This means that no longer the operator of… Read more

Opening of the new LNG stations in Germany: Hirschberg and Geiselwind

12 July, 2022

  We are proud to announce that PitPoint.LNG officially opened two new LNG refueling stations in Germany. These installations are located at TotalEnergies service stations in Hirschberg and Geiselwind, further extending the… Read more

Tutorial: filling a LNG vehicle

15 April, 2022

Transportation professionals: the simple steps to fill your LNG vehicle are in this video. Good to know: these instructions concern the CETIL dispenser, applicable to the station Lesquin and Le Havre realized… Read more

Opening of the new LNG station in Hognoul Belgium, along the N3/E40 and close to Liege Airport

27 January, 2022

The new PitPoint.LNG station at 58 Rue Chaussée in Hognoul Belgium is now operational and accessible 24/7! A completely new LNG installation further expands the offering at TotalEnergies’ multi-fuel station. Equipped with… Read more

Additional information – Building and Environmental permitting reports: Germany

31 December, 2021

  As part of activity 8 of the LNG Motion project, we reviewed the regulatory and administrative framework existing in the four EU Member States within the scope of the Action. In… Read more

Le Havre Station – Video

31 December, 2021

See this video of Le Havre Station, a Primagaz NGV Station with a 80 m3 LNG tank and 3 fuelling tracks. The station is open 7 days/24 hours and up to 200… Read more

Report: Recommendations on harmonisation

24 April, 2021

As part of Activity 5 of the LNG Motion project, research has been conducted on best practices with regards to creating a successful large-scale network of LNG fuelling stations within Europe. This… Read more

PitPoint.LNG has opened an LNG-station at the new A1 business park in Deventer, the Netherlands. 

31 March, 2021

EXCELLENT LOCATION This new LNG-station is operational since February 2021 and open for business 24/7. Located along the highway A1, this station is a valuable location for road transportation in the Netherlands… Read more

Report: Building and Environmental permitting

27 October, 2020

In this report the process and learnings of requesting building and environmental permits will be explained for the following four Member States: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Besides the process of… Read more

PitPoint.LNG has started the realisation of a new LNG-station in Deventer

14 September, 2020

PitPoint.LNG has started construction of a new LNG-station at the new A1 business park in Deventer, the Netherlands.  EXCELLENT LOCATION The LNG-station, planned to be operational December 2020, will be built on the… Read more

LNG refuelling instructions | PitPoint.LNG

3 July, 2020

Refuelling LNG at PitPoint.LNG is easy, fast and safe as shown in this video. These instructions apply to our LNG stations in the Den Hoorn, Roosendaal, Deventer, Rekkem and Antwerp. Our locations… Read more

Summery: Social economic cost benefit analysis

21 January, 2020

As part of the Connecting Europe Facility Transport (CEF-T) program supported study project titled: LNG motion: Fuelling trucks with LNG/CNG along the core network (hereafter LNG Motion pilot deployment) a social economic… Read more

The Netherlands introduces new LNG incentive scheme

23 December, 2019

The Netherlands announced a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) incentive scheme. The scheme will offer an 18.7 Eurocent discount per kilogram of LNG purchased between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021…. Read more

LNG information session – Deventer

27 October, 2019

In the run-up to the construction of the LNG station in Deventer, a LNG information session was organized for all carriers around Deventer to inform them about this future station and all… Read more

PitPoint opens first LNG refuelling station in Belgium

2 October, 2019

A concrete step towards an international full-coverage network of LNG refuelling stations The station is located in Rekkem, near the French border. Together with the previously opened PitPoint LNG stations at logistical… Read more

Study report: feasibility bio-LNG

25 September, 2019

Compressed and liquid bio-methane gas offers great potential for the European society to decarbonize our transport and mobility sector. More information about this type of fuel is necessary before deployment with real-life… Read more

Emerging standards for liquefied natural gas

25 July, 2019

In order to create a successful large-scale network of LNG fuelling stations within Europa, a high degree of alignment and interoperability is necessary. As the geographical scope of the project covers six… Read more