Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network


Profile & Expertise

PitPoint.LNG is a joint venture formed by TotalEnergies Gas Mobility and SHV Energy in May 2016. This joint venture focus entirely on the exploitation of

LNG for the automotive and marine market.

PitPoint.LNG’s vision is 100% clean transport in 2030! We believe it is possible and want to achieve this by making clean fuels, such as LNG, available at competitive price. Therefore, we are committed to build a LNG refueling infrastructure in Europe.

PitPoint.LNG takes the responsibility when it comes to design, build, finance, maintain and operate a LNG refueling infrastructure. Core in this respect is the unique independent position in the role of system integrator. Meaning that PitPoint.LNG can integrate various products from different suppliers in the most efficient way to meet customer’s needs.

Role in the project

As a coordinator, PitPoint.LNG will monitor the entire LNG motion project. This includes the management of all activities and tasks. In addition to this responsibility, PitPoint.LNG is leader of several activities within the LNG motion framework such as the deployment of M20 and M40 LNG fuelling stations along the main road corridors throughout Europe. To create a successful large-scale network of LNG fuelling stations within Europe, a high degree of alignment and interoperability is necessary. As these investments will take place in three different EU Member States, standardisation will also be necessary to build sound business cases. To move in this direction, PitPoint.LNG will be responsible of the stakeholder dialogue and will also perform all regulatory preparations and the completion of a complete business case regarding rolling out LNG fuelling station.

Pitpoint.LNG is responsible of the construction, deployment and data gathering of M40 LNG fuelling stations throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany located along main corridors. Pitpoint.LNG will also be the leader of the Bio-LNG Feasibility Study. Gathering data about Bio-LNG and its performance in engines is a main objective of this activity.

Key personnel

Jan Willem Drijver

Managing Director of PitPoint.LNG, Jan Willem has international executive board and management experience at Lely (agri-sector), De Lage Landen (part Rabobank Group) and GE Capital.