Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network

PitPoint opens first LNG refuelling station in Belgium

A concrete step towards an international full-coverage network of LNG refuelling stations

The station is located in Rekkem, near the French border. Together with the previously opened PitPoint LNG stations at logistical hubs in the Netherlands, this location represents a concrete step towards the realisation of an international full-coverage LNG network in north-west Europe.

Favourable location

The new LNG refuelling station adjoins an existing Total station at the LAR transport centre at Rijksweg 746 in Rekkem (Menen), close to the E17/A14 motorway that connects Kortrijk and Lille. As a result, the station has a favourable location for transport movements along the Benelux thoroughfare. And that is good news for transporters who have already made the switch to vehicles that run on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

“We are eager to do our part to make transport more environmentally friendly. That’s why we’ve chosen to use the alternative fuel LNG. Our LNG trucks are now on the road 24/7. Because the number of LNG stations out there is still rather small, this can be a bit of a puzzle at times. That’s why we’re extremely pleased with PitPoint’s new LNG station, which is situated precisely along our route. Hopefully, a larger LNG network – in combination with the government’s zero-duty scheme – will inspire other transport companies to follow suit. This will enable us all to work towards a greener transport sector, together!” according to Dieter Vanoverberghe, business manager at DVM Trans.


The new station will operate 24/7 and is equipped with two LNG pumps and three staging areas for trucks that run on LNG. Via its subsidiary PitPoint, Total has incorporated its latest innovations into this new LNG station: extra-cold LNG specifically for Volvo trucks and digital dispenser display with fuelling instructions in 11 different languages especially for the international hauliers who will come through this station. Everything is installed under an awning to protect drivers from the elements while they refuel. The Total station adjoining the new PitPoint LNG station already features a restaurant and parking facility. As a result, the station is now a full-service stopover for drivers of LNG-fuelled vehicles as well.

More and more transporters switching to LNG

More and more transporters are trading in their diesel trucks for trucks that run on LNG. As a matter of fact, LNG is an immediate alternative fuel to Diesel with a limited environmental impact : it complies with the strictest standards and city emissions targets. LNG allows for a Well-to-Wheel Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction of 6% to 15%*, with a potential for even further reduction when incorporating bioLNG. Using LNG to fuel vehicles also reduces noise by 50% and offers a financial advantage over diesel thanks to the continually decreasing fuel costs in combination with the zero-duty scheme in effect in Belgium.

(*) Source: NGVA-Thinkstep Study on Greenhouse Gas Intensity of Natural Gas, 2017. Assessed case was a 40 t tractor-trailer combination in long-haul use with 75% payload.


PitPoint.LNG BV is a joint venture of PitPoint clean fuels (a subsidiary of Total) and SHV Energy and is aimed at the realisation and operation of LNG infrastructure for the automotive and maritime sectors. PitPoint currently has four LNG stations for heavy road transport in the Netherlands (in Zwolle, Den Hoorn, Roosendaal and Venlo) and one in Belgium, in Rekkem. In addition, PitPoint.LNG is working hard to develop new LNG refuelling stations for both trucks and ships in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Further information on PitPoint.LNG can be found on their website.

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Editorial note:

LNG station address:
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For more information, please contact Patty Vinagre de Freitas via patty.defreitas@pitpoint.eu or +31 (0)61 274 1298.