Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network

Report: Recommendations on harmonisation

As part of Activity 5 of the LNG Motion project, research has been conducted on best practices with regards to creating a successful large-scale network of LNG fuelling stations within Europe. This research has been done across the four different EU Member States Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. The aim of this research is to write a recommendation on harmonisation contributing to this earlier mentioned successful large-scale network of LNG fuelling stations.

Part of Activity 5 has been a desk study, conducted earlier, focused on studies on emerging standards and payment systems in different Member States. This desk study has been conducted and published on the project website (See here).

This paper focusses on the recommendations on harmonisation for LNG fuelling stations across the four EU Member States. Both procedures and configurations have been looked at and will be discussed in this paper.


Read the full report here.